1. Don’t be the Smartest Person (about everything) in the (chat) Room

This isn’t about avoiding competition, it’s about inciting collaboration. We all different natural strengths and abilities, but it can be limiting if we don’t look for our peers’ input or if we don’t accept feedback. Aim to be really good at that one thing and build a team where everyone is as passionate about their own craft, so that everyone has a say. Diversity, y’all.

2. Stand up and Shooooout or Walk or Whatever

There’s bound to be moment when you’ve been working so much, you’re unlikely to concentrate as you should. So, do the dishes, read something non-code in the other room. As much as I love Buzzfeed, you need to change your environment and shake computers off for a while. Walk the dog, feed the cat, scream at the birds. Whatever works for you.

3. Log Off of Social Media

Remember what I told you about passwords? Having to enter the password for any account discourages me of entering at all. My mobile social media apps are Whatsapp -because my family is in Mexico-, Instagram -which I barely use because it’s like second Facebook, ugh-, and Twitter -three log-ins-. I don’t have any of those on my iPad. I’m logged off most of the time on my computers. I am in 7 slack channels, though, but they’re all filled with smart, wonderful, kind, impressive people. So that’s ok.