A Quick Guide: Google Search Tricks for Finding and Hiring a WordPress Developer

What do you do when you’re looking for an information? You simply google it, right?

While that’s great, Google can help you with much more than just finding information.

How, you’d ask?

Using search is one of the best ways to find a freelancer or a support service that is specialized in WordPress. And since our primary concern here at Find A WordPress Tech is to help you discover great WordPress experts that can help you with your projects, we feel it’s our duty to show you some tricks on how to go about this on Google.

Once you find their websites, all you need to do is to look at their portfolio, testimonials and start talking about your assignments.

That being said, using a generic search query on Google like “wordpress developer for hire” to find a WordPress developer most likely won’t cut it. You might be expecting the result that contains relevant websites of freelancers and web development agencies, but you would end up with search results that include blog posts on the topic “hire a WordPress developer” or bidding sites that are successfully ranked well on such keywords.

Here’s an example:

Google search for hiring WordPress devs

So how can you effectively use Google to find a freelance WP developer for hire of services through their blog or website?

It’s simple: instead of doing a generic search, enhance your search query by using Google search operators like ‘inurl’ and ‘site’.

For example, you can use something like:

inurl:”hire me” wordpress developer -site:wordpress.org

Customized Google search syntax for finding people ready to be hired

The above search query will restrict the results to the pages that contain the word “hire me” in the URL. In addition, it also avoids showing any pages from wp.org. With this, you are more likely to find good results.

You are free to make any changes to your search query as per your requirement. The basic idea here is to find a huge list of freelancer websites or WordPress support services so you can compare their services easily and hire the right WordPress developer who meets your requirements.