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WordPress is a great choice for people who want to build and run a website. But when it comes to running a website/blog, there are a lot of tasks that need to be taken care of. In most cases, these tasks can be so overwhelming or downright technical that you’ll need WP techies to help you out.

From plugin conflicts to theme and software updates, from hack attacks to data losses, websites come with their own set of challenges.

Instead of mismanaging your time with these tasks, it’s advisable to outsource them and focus your energy on your strengths which will further grow your business.

WordPress support services can help you with tasks such as updates, security, backups, fixes, design, maintenance and so on. These tasks are essential to the success of any online business

In recent times, WordPress support and maintenance services have popped up almost everywhere, but today here at FindaWordpressTech, we’re reviewing the top best 5 of these services as we know it, so you can easily choose one that’s best for you without having to spend a century searching.

WP Tangerine

WP Tangerine is undoubtedly one of the best services in the WordPress support and maintenance space, with scads of happy active customers.

Although a small team of experts, WP Tangerine has truly experienced support staff who have completed thousands of jobs. The company was founded by entrepreneurs who know the difficulty of getting high quality WordPress help that is also cost effective and pride themselves of being dedicated professionals with one very specific focus: Helping people rock WordPress.

They offer unlimited expert WordPress support, development, design, maintenance, optimization, and advice with no long-term contracts.

Coupled with excellent support, WP Tangerine offers unlimited tasks. This means you can submit as many tasks to them as you want and those tasks will be done right on time and perfectly. And their process is simple. Once you sign up, all you have to do is just submit jobs via email, then sit back knowing the WP Tangerine team is hard at work. You can submit tasks any time of the day throughout the week (24/7). Their email response time is impressive, too — typically within minutes.

WP Tangerine takes care of everything WordPress from typos to broken pages, from page loads to SEO readiness, from updates to installing and configuring new features and everything in between. They even offer emergency site care and ongoing maintenance services.

On pricing, WP Tangerine offers flexible plans starting from $147, which is cheap for the quality they offer. They also let users get free website review.

WP Tangerine is built from the ground up to be exactly the solution you need.



Valet was operating as WP Valet until a major rebrand at the start of 2016. The service is one of the best website support services around.

The reason for dropping the ‘WP’ from their brand identity? As well as WordPress tasks, Valet now performs non-WordPress tasks.

Valet provides enterprise-grade support with the price tag to match; they’re open about the fact that newbie bloggers are probably better off looking for more affordable services elsewhere. Prices vary depending on the level of service and expertise required, but most Valet clients are on monthly plans costing from $500 right the way up to the $5,000 mark. Their entry level plans start at $300 a month.

Before Valet takes on a client, they’ll perform a comprehensive audit of your site, enabling their team to learn more about your business and align themselves with your goals, and also spot any immediate opportunity for you to exploit.

Their maintenance services cover a lot of what you may find elsewhere — updates, security monitoring, site migrations, and uptime reports. Valet’s WordPress design and development experts are also on-hand to enhance your website wherever possible.


WP Site Care

WP Site Care was founded by Ryan Sullivan in 2012 and they mainly focus on WordPress maintenance services. Given this, the service is often touted as one of the most reliable and trustworthy WP support service in the maintenance sphere.

WP Site Care helps with tasks like backing up your website in real time and storing your data securely in the Amazon Cloud. They also provide round-the-clock security monitoring and WordPress site update without causing any compatibility issues.

A huge part of WordPress management is technical, and generally, describing technical problems can be difficult especially if you are a new user. So to combat communication issues, all of WP Site Care’s support staff are US-based. Clients can also make an unlimited number of support requests.

So what’s WP Site Care’s main selling point?


Support tickets submitted to WP Site Care will typically receive a response within an hour. This is made possible by their awesome Walkie Talkie tool. Rather than submitting support requests via the traditional email, you can communicate with WP Site Care directly from your WordPress dashboard.

All of the above is available within the $79 a month Protect plan, which also includes a series of professional video tutorials courtesy of WP101. This plan is easily sufficient for most webmasters — however, for those with the budget, the $299 a month Professional plan comes with several benefits. The more expensive plan also includes up to four development tasks per month, uptime monitoring, eCommerce support, and priority access to the support team.


WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer is a great WordPress support and maintenance service, founded in 2012 by freelance WordPress developer Andy Stratton. They focus mostly on maintenance tasks.

The service keeps things simple: It only has one package available, so every WP Maintainer customer gets the full range of services and all for an affordable $99-a-month fee.

WP Maintainer is also big on the importance of quality hosting providers. As such, new customers can receive a website migration for free, giving them an excellent opportunity to move their website across to a WP Maintainer-preferred host.

In addition to this, WP Maintainer will handle all of your routine maintenance tasks, including: All WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates; regular off-site website backups; and monthly malware monitoring, courtesy of Sucuri.

If you run into any compatibility problems caused by updating a theme or plugin, WP Maintainer will spend one hour trying to fix the problem for you. Additional hours of developer time can be bought for $99 an hour, which is around half the rate that non-WP Maintainer customers pay.



Maintainn is managed by one of the top names in WordPress development, WebDevStudios. With big names such as Microsoft on their client list, as well as more than 10,000 support tickets resolved, you can trust you’re in safe hands.

If you’re still not convinced, Maintainn’s services start at just $49 a month — the most affordable on this list. The so-called Premium plan grants WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates, secure off-site backups, and 24/7 security monitoring.

You’ll also be able to access the Maintainn support desk; simply explain your WordPress problem to the support team, and they’ll do their best to point you in the right direction.

If you upgrade to the Premium Plus plan for $99 a month, you’ll receive several benefits. These include a collection of online video tutorials and an hour of monthly by support. Best of all, Premium Plus customers receive super-fast responses, typically within 30 minutes, making it one of the fastest support services around.


Rounding up…

That concludes our rundown of five of the best WordPress support and maintenance services. There are plenty of great services out there, so apologies if your favorite didn’t make the list. If you know of any great services, feel free to let us know.

Which WP techies should you choose? Well, that relies heavily on what you’re looking for, but also your budget.

If your priority is receiving unlimited help with your website with ongoing support, I would heartily recommend WP Tangerine. If, however, you’re primarily interested in maintenance, you might want to go with services such as Maintainn, WP Maintainer, and WP Site Care.