A big mistake people make with their website is neglecting the  security of it. You should know that thousands of websites are being taken down by hackers and other people who just have nothing good in life to do. But instead of wallowing in your sorrow and being anxious about this whole thing, you better be smart and prevent them.

Luckily, WordPress Developers from Tilden Tasks are offering these simple yet useful tips in preventing your site from being attacked by hackers.

Keep your WordPress version up to date

This one’s pretty easy and basic. With an updated version of your WordPress, you are able to get the latest protection from WordPress. This is probably the cheapest way to protect yourself from hackers and unwanted errors from your site just because it’s free.


Some hackers inject to your Standard Transact SQL. You can  prevent this by  using parameterised queries. Most of the web languages have this feature and it is relatively easy to implement. You may not need to have expertise on SQL to implement this and just copying a short code will be able to do the trick. Then again, making any changes and not backing up is always risky.


Some hackers pass through Javascript to run malicious code towards your site via the web form. What you want is to make sure that whenever you create a form, that the data is being encrypted and there is no HTML included in it. This basically is a basic check you should do every time you create a form.

Error Message

Some hackers are good at guessing games or just want to grab information from you as much as they want. So when having error message, they can get clue from it. Be careful that you don’t give away too much information from error messages, such as giving away a clue where the error in logging in is coming from, is it just username — giving away a clue in itself.


This is an obvious one. Having strong passwords should be a priority, but yes having those passwords that are hard to hack could be hard to remember too. Using aggregated password holder (master key like Lastpass) could be one way, but you should be extra careful when setting these things up. As a good rule, change your password every three months of your site.

You might have gone through this list and told yourself, heck this is hard and complicated. Yeah it could be, that’s why you may want to hire a great developer who can help you with this project. It may be an investment but it’s totally worth it!