Tilden Tasks: WordPress Tech Support Group GRADE: 95/100

WordPress Tech Support Provider Tilden Tasks is the our first target for WordPress Tech Review. Read and hear what some of their past clients and current customer’s have to say about their services.  We also reviewed some of their work.

Tilden Task Logo

Tilden Tasks: Company Background

Tilden Tasks is a small company dedicated to providing on going WordPress support. They have several packages all offering various levels of monthly support for your WordPress website. Most of these packages offer a set number of hours per work day that can be used however you see fit. This is very good for any company that has regular non-urgent tasks.

Tilden Tasks Reviews and Customer Feedback

We verified from their client and these have been the most important customer feedback that we have received.

Tilden Tasks service professionals are knowledgeable, dependable and courteous.

“I am happy to report my satisfaction from working with professionals at the Tilden Tasks Support. The service offered by Tilden Tasks is unique by fostering close cooperation and mutual reliance between Tilden Tasks and member. It encourages mutual learning leading to long term partnership. Tilden Tasks service professionals are knowledgeable, dependable and courteous. I highly recommend Tilden Tasks.”


Wes Rocki MD

Saved Me A Lot of Money!

“Tilden does great work and saved me a lot of money. Tilden’s communication skills and daily updates continue to impress me.”

Jay Salmon, Senior General Manager

For a wordpress service provider to save you a lot of money, that spells out well done in my vocabulary. Tilden Tasks must have truly given that client a good saving for his money since when asked, the Senior General Manager surely did gave a resounding yes to that claim.

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Benefits of Tilden Tasks

The following points below are based upon the writer’s perception along with the feedback from customers.


Tilden Tasks is able to offer an amazing rate because they outsource to more affordable countries. Most of their customers are paying approximately $5 an hour for work that normally is billed at eight to ten times as much in the states.

Self Sufficient in Handling The Details

Their staff is trained to look out for the details that most do not think of and are able to communicate these issues before they arise. Many customers were not very tech savvy and compared their experience with Tilden Tasks with experiences they have had with other previous developers. They boasted about how much easier it was to deal with Tilden Tasks because they did not overload them with questions that the clients did not understand.