Hey and welcome to FindAWordPressTech. Today, we’ll discuss hiring WordPress developers.

When it comes to hiring for your WordPress development and design, you have options. Below are three of the best options for you to choose from.


Freelancers are a great option for those looking to keep costs down, but adds risks since you are relying on a single point of failure for support and updates to your site. Freelancers must be managed directly and their success (or failure) is largely dependent on the person selecting and managing them. Skill level is difficult to determine unless you’ve worked extensively with the freelancer in the past or know someone who has and offers a great recommendation.

In-house Developers

In-house developers are a great option for teams that have a large number of WordPress sites to manage, are making constant updates to the codebase, or otherwise have a large amount of support required that justifies the investment in full time personnel. If you don’t have the need for full time changes and updates to the site, the overhead of a full time WordPress developer may outweigh the benefits. It’s also hard to find full time developers, of any kind!

WordPress Teams

Contracted teams are a great option for teams that want a more managed process and need a team they can rely on for long term support and updates to the site. This is great for a business looking to support their Marketing or IT teams with a quality Content Management System, but don’t need or want to hire a full-time WordPress developer. A great contracted team will build your WordPress site to make it easy to manage and sustainable long term by enabling you to use it as a true Content Management System as opposed to a site that is difficult and cumbersome to edit.