Valet is a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to providing web management and infrastructure solutions. They can analyze your site, get to know your goals, and develop a path to a better and more sustainable digital presence – freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

Valet provides enterprise-grade support with the high price tag to match — they’re open about the fact that newbie bloggers are probably better off looking for more affordable services elsewhere.

Prices vary depending on the level of service and expertise required, but most Valet clients are on monthly plans costing from $500 right the way up to the $5,000 mark. Their entry level plans start at $300 a month.

While those prices are high, if you have the budget, though, Valet is more than just a WordPress support service. They consider themselves to be full-on digital partners, helping you to grow all aspects of your business.



Valet operated as WP Valet until a major rebrand at the start of 2016.

The reason for dropping the ‘WP’ from their brand identity is that they accepts non-WordPress clients, too. Rest assured, though — WordPress site management will always be an integral part of their services.

The company started out providing monthly professional services and support for WordPress website owners, but expanded to take on more client work after acquiring a local design agency.

In 2014, EasilyAmused merged with Valet, who acqui-hired their team. This made a huge difference as it doubled Valet’s team size and allowed them to provide a much higher level of design and development.




  • Migrations: Host to host, CMS to CMS, complex or high volume, does them all.
  • Audits: Stop guessing at what you should do next. Valet’s audits show if your site is really working for you from both the software and end user perspectives.
  • Site Management: Valet handle updates (maintenance), security, performance, and monitoring.
  • Personal Care: No need to visit forums or write unreachable developers.
  • Development: Valet does everything from small custom work projects to full builds with a dedicated rep to keep things moving.
  • Solid Hardware: With so many hosts on the market, who do you choose?



Since the Valet experience is based on truly understanding their clients, they begin by getting to know you… closely. They look for the true causes of your problems, identify areas for improvement, and create a roadmap for your future success.

Their team performs a rigorous review of your site from many different angles, then they present their findings and recommendations in a document with clear next steps.


If you’re looking for a team that’s ready to understand who you are and help you to meet your goals every single day, then is right for you…. if you’ve got the money.