Website builders and platforms have been up with their game with the trend of producing various types of websites. WordPress which is amongst the popular platforms has also made a huge leap forward in terms of the web development process. Before known for catering to blogs, now has even ventured on to different types of useful sites. So we ask. What can WordPress really do to help out in building the website of your choice? With all of the new features of the well-known platform, let’s more into the details on how this can be an advantage.

The Capabilities of WordPress

There are a lot of useful kinds of websites that can be incorporated by WordPress. Here are some of the few.

Online Shops

Online business or e-commerce site has been leveraging business to its full potential by connecting it online. WordPress gives you aid in this by providing plugins that can take care of the features you want to have in your custom site. From managing the transactions, payment methods inventory to other related components, those are taken care of.

Twitter-Based Sites

Want to have the twitter system on your WordPress site? This can be done too! Plugins like WP Twitter Feeds or Twitter Widgets can help you maximize the benefits of twitter to be added on your site. This can leverage connections, trends, topics and other great integration with twitter. The power of the hashtag will be with you.


Photo and video galleries always find its way to show its best in websites. This type of site is also great for showcasing talent, art, features, films, ideas and more. What good about this is that WordPress also has a lot of support on this paired up with good plugins, themes and content management. This makes sure that managing and navigation of the data for users will be as smooth and possible.


These are just some of the examples of ideas that can be made into WordPress site. If you need more help on any of these, Tilden Tasks is one of the great WordPress development companies to help you and your site on this. They make sure that you can get the best Tilden Tasks WordPress help as you can. You can also have a great advantage if you leave the tech stuff to the experts too.