Who is a WordPress developer and what do they actually do?


If you’re reading this article on our blog or received it as an email from our team, there’s a good chance you’re either looking to become a WordPress developer, or you’re a WordPress developer, or you are simply looking to hire a WordPress developer.


But who is a WordPress developer and what exactly do they do?.


Well, there are developers that work in different areas of WordPress… core development, theme development and plugin development. So let’s look at each one.


A Core Developer works on the actual WordPress Software itself. The core of WordPress is the standard download you get when you visit the Official WordPress Website and download it. What’s great is anyone can review the code and recommend changes.



A Theme Developer basically creates WordPress themes for people to use for the presentation part of their site. This can be a theme for mass sale or a custom theme created for a client.



A Plugin Developer creates WordPress plugins that add functionality for your website. You can consider a WordPress Plugin like an application or add-on for your site.



Basically a developer spends their time reviewing, analyzing and debugging code. Learning and researching is a major part of what developers do on a daily basis. Also learning how to use the various tools used in web development is something they do on a daily basis.


  • HTML is the skeleton of a website
  • The markup language
  • CSS styling of a website
  • JavaScript/jQuery frontend functionality
  • PHP backend programming language
  • MySQL database
  • Terminal or Command Prompt or Powershell
  • GIT for version control
  • Grunt or Gulp for task management
  • Text Editors or IDES/Integrated Development Environments for coding
  • WordPress Classes, Functions etc

This is just a small list and not all developers focus or know everything on this list nor do you need to know everything. You could be a specialist in one area versus a Full Stack.