WP Site Care

Founded by Ryan Sullivan in 2012, WP Site Care has been one of the most highly regarded maintenance services in the WordPress sphere for the best part of five years. The service is consistently touted as one of the most reliable and trustworthy around.

WP Site Care will back up your website in real time, storing your data securely in the Amazon Cloud. They also provide round-the-clock security monitoring, and will proactively update your WordPress website — guaranteeing the updates won’t cause any compatibility issues (if something breaks, they’ll fix it).

As you probably know, describing technical problems is difficult at the best of times, so, to combat communication issues, all of WP Site Care’s support staff are US-based. Subscribers can make an unlimited number of support requests, too.

So far, so good, and we haven’t even got to WP Site Care’s main selling point: Response time. A typical WP Site Care support ticket will receive a response within an hour, making it an industry leader in this regard.

This is made possible by their awesome Walkie Talkie tool. Rather than submitting support requests via boring old email, you can communicate with WP Site Care directly from your WordPress dashboard — so no more lost email threads.

All of the above is available within the $79 a month Protect plan — which also includes a series of professional video tutorials courtesy of WP101. This plan is easily sufficient for most webmasters — however, for those with the budget, the $299 a month Professional plan comes with several benefits.

First of all, rather than merely maintaining your website, WP Site Care will strive to improve it. They’ll optimize your website for speed, refine your onsite SEO to boost traffic, and even perform an extensive security audit — they go above and beyond at every opportunity.

The more expensive plan also includes up to four development tasks per month, uptime monitoring, eCommerce support, and priority access to the support team — well worth it if you can afford it.

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