WP Tangerine Offers Trustworthy WordPress Services  

By: Steven Rich, MBA

WP Tangerine offers WordPress development, design, advice, maintenance, optimization, and updates.

When seeking a WordPress developer here are some important features you should research before deciding which developer to hire:


Look at the developer’s reviews. Some may argue that experience counts the most. But, what if a company’s experience includes negative reviews, unhappy customers, or complaints about quality?  Just because a company has been in business for many years does not mean they are great!

More importantly are the types of reviews a company receives from real customers. Have you noticed how often company websites have wonderful reviews from anonymous or first name only reviewers?  Can you trust reviews which cannot be verified?

What makes WP Tangerine stick out from other product and services reviews is that they provide quotes from more than 20 verifiable happy customers.  They actually list the full name for every reviewer and a link to the person’s website so you can contact them for verification.  Now that is what every website should be providing.  Verifiable reviews from real people from actual companies who really are happy customers with ways to contact that person.

Their “What People are Saying” page offers glowing reviews like, “I recommend them wholeheartedly” and “WP Tangerine service professionals are knowledgeable, dependable and courteous.”  These are not coming from low level employees at nowhere companies.  In fact, the vast majority of the 20 reviews are written by Founders and CEO’s. This is very impressive especially when you click on their company website links and see the range of products and services they provide. These are not just a niche type of companies.  They range from food providers, environmentalists, medical clinics, tech companies, e-commerce, roofing and carpet companies, jewelry manufacturers, landscaping, and tour companies.


More important than experience is knowledge of the products and the types of services needed to fulfill customer’s needs.  In addition, the ability to communicate one’s knowledge to layperson customers is important. Many of the reviews come from grassroots companies with no prior knowledge of web development, website design, optimization, and software.  The ability to understand what a customer needs, be able to select the product or service which best fits the customer’s needs is a formula for successful services.


Innovation is defined as an introduction of something new like an idea, device, or method.  It refers to something new or a change made to an existing product, idea, or field. For instance, the original telephone was an invention while the Smartphone was an innovation.

Developing new WordPress themes and plugins are innovations.  Building unique WordPress websites are also innovations.  WP Tangerine is able to build WordPress websites for a vast range of customer products or services as demonstrated from the 20 different reviewers.  Building websites only for real estate companies or insurance salespersons using similar themes is not innovation.  This is what separates WP Tangerine from other website developers.  The variety of the types of websites developed fitting different needs from the wide range of customer products and services is what makes WP Tangerine unique.


Great reviews from verifiable people, knowledgeable staff, and innovation leads to WP Tangerine being regarded as trustworthy.


They provide WordPress services in three monthly packages:

Their $127 per month “Basic” package includes “Unlimited*” WordPress tasks (up to 1 hour per business day), with detailed notes for every task, ability to submit tasks 24/7, one business day turnaround, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

For $167 per month, the “Pro” package includes all of the above “Basic” benefits.  In addition, they offer two graphics and design tasks (Illustrator and Photoshop), site improvement suggestions, site backup and restorations; along with theme, plugin, and core software updates, and priority emergency care.

The $197 per month “Pro Plus” package includes everything in their $167 package, plus “Unlimited*” WordPress tasks (up to 2 hours per business day).

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee means that there are no long-term contracts (just monthly) and their monthly packages can be cancelled at any time.


WP Tangerine offers trustworthy WordPress services based on the many positive reviews, knowledge, and innovation.  Their three services packages are reasonable priced and carry a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Steven Rich, MBA is a global content writer who is SEO savvy.